What is the conclusion from all of the above? Simple: use steroids carefully, do not neglect the recommendations and sis labs listen to the advice of more experienced “colleagues in the shop,” and then the side effects of anabolics will not bother you. And if they are disturbed, then almost always you can easily cope with them, either with the help of auxiliary pharmacological agents, or using certain therapeutic techniques.

Both in practice and in writing, the action of anabolic steroids is not an easy process, and it does not end with the intensive synthesis of substances. Therefore, it is not superfluous to discuss some other aspects of the effects of anabolics.

First: the action of anabolic drugs promotes the secretion of creatine phosphate. This substance is a key element in the process of ATP reduction. ATP, in turn, is the main source of muscle dynamics. In fact, ATP is responsible for all contractions and expansions of muscles in our body.

And how is the treatment of gynecomastia, when the disease has long been felt? Usually it is surgically removed, because hormonal therapy does not always give positive results in the late stages. On the contrary, in some cases, the opposite effect is possible, namely, the development of the disease. The operation to remove gynecomastia is almost always effective. And, by the way, if the tumor has already manifested itself for a long time, and you only learned about it (sometimes it happens), do not try to block it yourself. In particular, in any case, do not bandage the hypertrophied mammary glands with tight bandages to prevent their further growth. Such actions will lead only to a violation of blood metabolism and as a consequence to the occurrence of stagnant phenomena, up to the formation of inoperable malignant sis labs tumors.

To the indicated deviation (decline or low content of testosterone), so-called female products or low-quality products used in large quantities may result. Obesity – excess weight not only inhibits the production of male hormones, but also promotes their transformation into estrogens (female sex hormones). Finally, the use of specific pharmacological products, incl. Hormonal preparations. This category includes AAS category facilities, some of which (not all and not always) can be very significant and for a long time cause a deficiency of testosterone, androgens in men, resulting in various symptoms and signs, which we will talk about below .

How, then, do steroids work in tablets when they get into the human body, if they have to break down? Again, everything is simple: all the AAC tablets are “collected” at the molecular level in such a way that they do not disintegrate in the gastrointestinal tract, but are effectively absorbed into the blood. In this case, the blood moves through the purification cycle through the liver, which in the body is the main filter, where a fair share of the steroid is activated. By the way, sis labs this is the main reason for the deterioration of the liver in connection with taking AAS in tablets.

We have already identified two more or less significant drawbacks of oral means (not the largest, albeit a rather large assortment and the presence in some samples of toxicity for the liver). And what about the merits? They are also many. In particular, hardly anyone will argue that oral androgens and anabolics are very convenient to use. Plus significant, especially for those athletes who for one reason or another do not tolerate injections.