On the other hand, anabolic and androgen injection steroids are almost completely safe for the liver. Some people have toxicity,prochem steroids but usually it is low and weak and, if not abused, does not lead to complications. This is perhaps one of the most important, prochem steroids if not the most important plus anabolic and androgen in pricks.

In general, what is steroids and anabolics, produced specifically in the injection form, was told. I think you understand their distinctive and unique features. So now it’s time to summarize the above on this topic.
In conclusion, we add that, as with tablet drugs, injectable anabolic steroids can be bought in our store, if, of course, you have such a desire.

In addition, often, if the hormone testosterone is elevated, men develop liver disease, puffiness, stagnant phenomena, cholesterol levels increase prochem steroids in the blood and weight increases due to muscle mass (although this is in most cases a significant advantage, rather than a minus). Can a man in this situation, and disturb some nervous disorders – insomnia, headaches, mood swings – from euphoria to depression. For your information: most of these ailments concern only extreme cases and / or too long and significant increase in sex hormones.

Viral syndrome or virilization

This is enough spreads and that the most unpleasant irreversible side effect associated with a long reception of AAS. In sport, he threatens only girls, on long courses using steroids with a high index of androgenic action.

If to speak with facts, then virilization (masculinization) in women is a process of formation, development and accumulation of secondary sexual characteristics peculiar to the male sex, at the gender of the female. These are deviations from the norm, such as the prochem steroids appearance of excess hair on the female face and body, the excessive increase in muscle mass, the change and coarsening of the voice, changes in skin properties (loss of elasticity, the appearance of rash, etc.), increased sexual desire, hair loss on the head, etc.