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Quick Overview: package: 10ml vial 100 mg/ml
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substance: Testosterone Propionate

One of the most popular drugs in bodybuilding, suitable for both experienced and novice athletes. The steroid is designed to build muscle, but is also used during the drying rate. Testosterone propionate feature in that with properly chosen drug dosage virtually no water accumulates in the body. That’s why he does not give a tangible effect as testosterone enanthate, however, muscle mass, typed using propionate to be more dry and quality.

Testosterone propionate is quite rapidly absorbed into the blood, so the effect of the use of this steroid appears after the first application. Also, the drug is rapidly excreted from the body. It is recommended that the injection of testosterone propionate, about once every two days at a dosage of 100 mg.

The effect of the application Testabol propionate British Dragon

In case of violation of the recommendations and the use of increased amounts of the drug may occur such a phenomenon, as a side effect. It is most commonly manifested as increasing manifestations of aggression and estrogen, which causes increased growth of body hair, enlarged prostate, gynecomastia, masculinization, oily skin, acne, increased blood pressure. To reduce the percentage probability negative displays used Proviron, Clomid or tamoxifen.

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Positive traits

  • The growth of muscle and power performance by the synthesis of proteins
  • Fast recovery between training process
  • Increasing the attraction to the opposite sex, faster hair growth
  • Improving the joints and ligaments due to the accumulation of water in their
  • body fat liquidation
  • Reduced fatigue

Methods of application and the dosage

Use Testabol Propionate 100 is recommended at dosages of 150 to 1000 mg per week. The dosage depends on what kind of experience with steroids the athlete. The beginner should use the drug in the smallest doses of 150 mg per week.
Cycle Testabol Propionate 100 when used in small doses is not the least effect on the drug. Small dosing block manifestation of side effects. The athlete can not worry about high blood pressure, acne, gynecomastia. Constantly consult with your doctor and take the necessary tests.