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Quick Overview: package: 10mg (50 pills)
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substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)

Winstrol is a popular brand of anabolic steroid stanozolol. It is more conducive to muscle building than produces androgenic effect. Perhaps, on anabolic properties this drug is not so powerful in comparison with stronger substances. But this is one of the most reliable means for building up. Winstrol exists in two dosage forms: in the form of tablets and a solution for injections (Winstrol Depot). The chemical structure of Winstrol makes it possible to classify it as a derivative of testosterone.

Winstrol application

You can include vinstrol depot in your course at any stage of it. Thus, you will begin the stage for the quality of muscular muscles, burning fat and draining water from muscle mass.
If, for example, you are now taking a strong steroid course for the maximum possible muscle mass, for example, the danabol + sustanon cycle, you have already managed to gain 7 kilograms and until the end of this course you have three weeks left.
And your further goal is to transform and dry the muscular system in this case, it is advisable to connect Winstrol to this type of cycle. And put it at least every other day, one ampoule, and even better every day at the same time.
After taking Winstrol, it is best to drink Clenbuterol to preserve the result and improve the quality of the entire musculature.
Winstrol at the end of any course will help reduce and remove fluid from your muscle fiber, recycle part of the fat on your physique. And make the general appearance of muscle mass in a more dry and hard form.
All the mass of typing cycles is good to finish on Winstrol. This is the maximum you can save your muscle mass from destruction and give it a significant relief.
The most high-quality steroid, which can largely bring you closer to the relief and high quality of your muscle mass, is Winstrol in an injectable form.

About side effects

Side effects of Winstrol appear very rarely. When properly structured courses are non-existent. However, the following side effects may occur in the form of:

  • hypertension, eliminate its antihypertensive drugs;
  • raising the level of cholesterol in the blood, to eliminate during the course of taking omega-3 fatty acids;
  • pain when administered drug, this applies only to Winstrol Depot injectable form;
  • Liver toxicity concerns tablet form;
  • myocardial hypertrophy: the higher the dosage, the greater the risk;
  • headaches;
  • muscle spasms.