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Quick Overview: package: 10mg (50 pills)
manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
substance: Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)

Rexobol (an active ingredient – Stanozolol) is an anabolic steroid, which can be purchased as injectable solutions and tablets. This drug is a synthetically manufactured steroid, which is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone. Stanozolol is approved by the FDA for use. Rexobol-10 is considered a progesterone antagonist. And yet, the drug does not protect against progestagenic effects of nandrolones. Rexobol has a high bioavailability (does not break down in the liver), because it refers to the alkyl group in the alpha-17 position – that’s what makes Rexobol poisonous to the liver. Rexobol is one of the safest steroids for the beautiful half, because it has low androgenic activity, however, virilization and musculinization are likely

Effects of reception

  • The increase in muscle relief.
  • Increase in endurance and power performance.
  • The reduction of body fat.
  • Withdrawal of accumulated fluid.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Twofold decrease in globulin, sex hormone binding.
  • It is assumed the presence of antiprogestagennogo and anti-estrogen effects.

Most often used by bodybuilders to Rexobol drying courses. Steroid when preparing for a competition allows to obtain high-quality, visually appealing muscle mass. Stanozolol is also often used in athletics. Moreover, according to the World Anti-Doping Laboratory, today this steroid – the most popular pharmacological agent. At least, such conclusion can be drawn from the number of positive doping tests.

Side Effects of Rexobol-10

 The substance is not converted into estrogens, therefore it does not cause gynecomastia and edema. Rexobol-10 is a fairly safe steroid, because side effects are rare. With an optimally designed course, they may not appear at all. Additionally, joint pain may occur. This product is not recommended for those who have difficulties with ligaments or joints. The growth of blood pressure is eliminated with enalapril. Increases in cholesterol can be avoided by taking omega-3 fats during the course period. Winstrol is considered a derivative of DHT, androgenic secondary outcomes are likely: acne, hair loss on the head, oppression of the production of their own testosterone. Toxicity to the liver is peculiar only to the tablet form of release. Hypertrophy of the myocardium can occur when applying excessive dosages.