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Quick Overview: package: 25mg (10 pills)
manufacturer: Shering
substance: Mesterolone (Proviron)

Provironum from Bayer Schering Pharma is an androgenic steroid hormone, produced by solid German pharmaceutical. Published in the package are 20 plates, each containing 25 mg per work supplement (jelly). Although Provironum has several medicines that have estrogen, there is still no inhibitor of matase capacity. A steroid is used by a very strong athlete (usually in exercise) as an aid to mixed AAS courses. In accompanying the study and helping the drug say, its strength is able to suppress the formation of fat deposits and female models and Gyne co-operation mastia, as well as some of the flavoring effects.

Why Provironum

The method usually involves Provironum Compensation medications can be caused by ingestion and other anabolic androgenic steroids. And, being completely healthy, one can argue about whether the end of the drug almost started from the appearance of such estrogenic ones, such as, for example, a decrease in libido. The daily recommended dosage requirements are from 50 to 150 milligrams and are determined according to the experience of the player working in the Pharmacology Theater, the difficulty of the course and its main purpose, as well as some other non-signs.

Or why Provironum from women Bayer, and women are not recommended to use it for androgenic activity will not reach. Although there are some high-performance treatment options for steroid fat burning tamoxifen. A group of drugs should be started only after consulting with experts and taking samples. It is recommended to take the steroid nderage athletes, and those who do not have contraindications or who can not tolerate the active substance.

Side effects

Same Pnul With Olon, that hydro-di of those sterone apostles, as well as its chemical nature, can cause such resistance against prostatic hypertrophy as Provironum and Louise Peschia. In severe cases, the volume of Benigno and bad liver plants is possible. How to avoid a disaster, it is recommended to periodically conduct a survey of the prostate. The appropriate tightening of Provironum is certainly accompanied by high steroid medicines, which can lead to increased liver size, abdominal pain and abdominal blood.