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Quick Overview: package: 10ml vial (100 mg/ml)
manufacturer: British Dragon
substance: Dromastanolone Di-propionate

Mastabol is a drug known British Dragon Pharmaceutical Company. The main active substance steroida- drostanolone propionate having fat burning properties and acting on a stretch of 1-3 days after exposure to the blood. It is a safe drug, which is not subject to flavor, so does not cause negative effect of estrogens. Its anabolic activity is 62% of the testosterone and androgenic – 25%. Doping Control may find it within 14 days after the last injection. It is often used in preparation for a competition. Mastabol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, and was originally used to treat cancer of breast disease, but over time it got very popular in various kinds of sports, including bodybuilding

Application Mastabol 100

In sports, this drug is used mainly men, and they use it most often on long courses of drying in order to obtain quality muscles, devoid of water and fat. Women, as already noted, the use of these injections are usually not performed because of the relatively high androgenic activity, could lead to virilization.

How to take Mastabol 100 in sports, particularly bodybuilding, steroid and what means it can be combined? Options and effective combinations are many. The choice of a particular combination should primarily be based on the objectives pursued by the athlete, his experience and financial capacity.

Newcomers for drying may well be suitable joint course of anabolic testosterone propionate +, which takes place on such a scheme: testosterone – 100 mg every other day for 8 weeks, drostanolone dipropionate – a 100 mg once every two days (8 weeks). FCT will need tamoxifen (30 mg daily for 3 weeks), plus you can add Tribulus.

Side effects Mastabol

Immediately it should be understood that the side effects are, as a rule, in cases where not met all the necessary recommendations (dosage is exceeded or is not properly counted, not correctly determine the length of the course).The most common side effects – it is baldness, excessive aggression and the appearance of acne on the body.

If you consult a doctor, to draw up a course, taking into account all the parameters, then we will not have to worry about the negative phenomena.

Most importantly, the drug has no negative effect on the liver, which is very important. Indeed, enormous amounts of steroids are toxic, and consequently adversely affect the liver. With mastabolom no such problems.

It is also a feature of the drug is that it does not retain the liquid in the joints. This phenomenon is known to be prevalent in almost every steroid.Whatever the case, make sure you correctly calculate dosages.