Buy Induject-250 (ampoules) Alpha Pharma Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)

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Quick Overview: package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)
manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)

Induject-250 manufacturer Alpha-Pharma is a composite steroid drug, which is a mixture of testosterone esters. The composition includes: testosterone ether propionate, phenylpropionate, isocaproate and decanoate, which have different rates and duration of action (the shortest is propionate – up to 2-3 days, and prolonged – decanoate – up to 2-3 weeks). As a result of their adjusted combination, the drug has a more even, long and pronounced effect.


The drug is effective, therefore it is used by athletes mainly on power and mass-gathering courses, solo or combined with other steroids. Testosterone (its drugs and derivatives) are remarkable in that they effectively and relatively safely combine with virtually any sports pharmacology.

The course of Induject-250 can effectively last for 6 to 10 weeks, depending on the sensitivity of the body, the experience and goals of the athlete. The drug is long-acting after use (up to 2-3 weeks), so for an even background action does not require frequent injection, like individual ethers. For optimal effect, as a rule, 2 injections are sufficient on equidistant days of the week.

The average doses of Induject-250 from Alpha-Pharma (HealthCare), recommended for athletes, range from 250 to 750 mg per week (from 1 to 3 ml per week, respectively). The working dosage is chosen only individually, otherwise it can prove to be insufficient (ineffective) or, on the contrary, excessive (causing consequences), which is unacceptable for anybody who uses it.

Side effects from Induject

The reactions of the body to the suspension are no different from the reactions to isolated forms of testosterone. There may be estrogenic side effects from Induject as an increase in fat deposits, swelling, gynecomastia and a significant suppression of testosterone production. To prevent these negative reactions, it is necessary to use antiestrogens, best of all – aromatase inhibitors. Use selective modulators of estrogen receptors is advisable only as PCT.