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Quick Overview: package: 1 pen of 36IU
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substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Side effects

The side effects that arise in the case of taking growth hormone have nothing to do with the side effects that steroids give. I mean the body’s decline in the production of testosterone, aggressiveness, verifying in women, acne, water retention, increased levels of estrogen, etc. The main problems are, as a rule, a possible lack of sugar in the blood (the risk of getting diabetes) or possible hypothyroidism of the thyroid gland. Occurring in rare cases, the formation of antibodies to growth hormone is not essential. As for the increased growth of individual organs and limbs, they, if they occur, then in the pre-aberration period (that is, when the person has not yet formed) or in the post-pubertal, but only in people who suffer from hypofunction of the sexual glands (hypogonadism). People with endogenous hypersecretion may experience acromegaly in the post-pubertal period. Bones become thicker, wider, but not longer. There is an increased growth of hands and feet, as well as an increase in facial features due to overgrowth of the lower jaw and nose. The heart muscle and kidneys can increase in volume and weight. Often this results in the onset of general weakness, diabetes, heart disease and premature death.
The media, for understandable reasons, fan individual cases to the level of universal tragedy, but it must be admitted that the podiums are not at all clogged by two-meter athletes with jaws, like the Neanderthals. The diseases described above are extremely rare, and even if the growth hormone is taken too long in very high dosages. And this luxury can not afford to everyone, given that the Lithuanian-produced somatotropin, the most common in the Russian market, costs about 8-10 dollars for a bottle containing 4 000 IU of dry matter. The drug is a light powder, enclosed in a glass bottle, which is attached to an ampoule with a solution (usually a solution of novocaine). The ready solution should be introduced immediately or stored in the refrigerator, but not more than 24 hours. Keep unused product in the refrigerator. Although the biological activity of the somatotropin begins to decrease only after four weeks of storage at room temperature, it is best to still store it in the refrigerator.
Somatotropin is included in the number of dopes, but it is almost not “caught” in doping control, which makes it extremely popular among competing athletes at the international level. However, it is possible that soon the growth hormone will be replaced by an insulin-like growth factor discovered by American and Australian scientists, the reception of which allows the body to receive from the outside a larger amount of a substance necessary for the production of its own somatodiens and an insulin-like growth factor. So “chemical” bodybuilders have to pray for science, the possibilities of which, it seems, are unlimited!