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Quick Overview: package: 5mg (50 pills)
manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
substance: Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin)

Halobol – the most powerful steroid of anabolic and androgenic effects from the Indian pharmacological company Alpha Pharma. In the package Halobol contains 50 tablets of 5 milligrams. The active substance is fluoxymesterone. Most often, the steroid is used by representatives of sports with weight categories. Taking the drug increases strength, muscle density and aggression. Very often one-time use is used on the eve of responsible competitions. The great advantage of Halobol is that despite the high rate of anabolic activity (1900% of testosterone), the drug does not cause a sharp increase in muscle mass.

The mechanism of action of fluoxymesterone has not yet been fully studied, the main theory is its non-receptor effect on muscles. Halobol – a very dangerous steroid from the point of view of side effects, because its androgenic activity is very high, and is 850% of testosterone. The average duration of the substance is about 8 hours, the detection time on the doping control is 2 months. Taking Halobol by competing athletes is a big risk, especially if masking agents are not used.

How to take Halobol

By itself, Halobol course should be agreed with a specialist. This is probably the most powerful oral steroid to date. If there are health problems and any contraindications to take the drug is highly undesirable. As practice shows, it is advisable to use Halobol from Alpha Pharma on the eve of the competition. A single application will minimize the risk of adverse reactions of the organism, and undesirable physiological changes.

As for how to make Halobol along with other anabolic and androgenic steroids, the joint training, especially with oral medications are not recommended. The optimum dosage of agents is 10 milligrams per day, extreme permissible – 20. Halobol combination with other AAS does not give absolutely no advantage, except for the increased load on the body. About steroids in women can not be considered.

Side effects

In connection with an increase in the rate of formation of dihydrotestosterone from testosterone, hypertrophy and hyperplasia of the prostate, the development of prostate adenoma, may occur. In addition, an increase in the likelihood of developing cancer is possible. The ease of transition to dihydrotestosterone may in the future lead to negative consequences, if taken over a long period of time. Fluoxymesterone is valuable in that it is 19 times greater than the anabolic ability of testosterone, and 8.5 times its androgenic capacity. Information on the activity of the product was obtained by experiments. Halobol is toxic to the liver. Athletes who used this drug, talk about increasing the erection, which is accompanied by pain. Experiments show that the use of the drug leads to an increase in the number of hepatic enzymes, which indicates the process of increasing the degradation of hepatic cells under the influence of fluoxymesterone. This fact is often described in literary sources.