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Quick Overview: package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)
manufacturer: British Dragon
substance: Nandrolone phenylpropionate (NPP)

Durabol – anabolic injectable steroid with androgen activity. Its anabolic properties are well expressed and androgenicity reduced in comparison with testosterone. The active substance preparation is nandrolone phenylpropionate. The ether shorter chain phenylpropionate all known decanoate, so it has a more rapid and less body digestibility validity period.

After injection, the drug remains active for 2-3 days, but the breakdown products can be detected in one and a half years. In bodybuilding application Durabol 100 widely, the drug allows to increase quality musculature, ligaments strengthen. Also increase power rates athlete to burn fat. By the properties of the drug are significant and its anti-inflammatory effect, strengthening the immune system and bone.

Yet some athletes pass a course on mass capacity, with the help Durabola as Building Muscle strength and ability to maintain a much longer period of time than Deca. Effect of the drug can be increased by combination with 50 mg of testosterone propionate and 20 mg every Winstrol. The average dose of the drug for men should not exceed 200-400 mg per week, but even with an increase in dosage Durabola an athlete is much reduced risk of side effects than when taking Deca. In women, the side effects can manifest themselves in the form of increased levels of estrogen in the blood and increase the pressure. Just Durabol is not only effective, but also steroid treatment, as it has no adverse effect, but on the contrary, since use in medicine preparation for the treatment and recovery of the liver. Side effects occur more often in women, as well as for men, they have side effects are extremely rare.

Usage Instructions 100 Durabol

The recommended duration of the drug is two weeks. For beginners it is best to take Durabol for 4 weeks, making the injection every four days for 25 mg. This dosage is optimal to achieve a good result, while avoiding the side effects.

Professional athletes lead of 200 mg of the drug every other day, which is not always convenient, because to prick a larger dose, you need a lot of time.

The optimum dosage of 100 mg. It is not necessary to sharply increase the dosage, otherwise you can cause all sorts of problems in the body, among which the most common is a violation of hormonal background.