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Quick Overview: package: 10 ampoules (200mg/ml)
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substance: Nandrolone decanoate (Deca)

Nandrolone decanoate – one of the most popular anabolic steroids in the world, because of its favorable properties. In its structure, nandrolone is similar to testosterone, and differs from it only in the absence of carbon in the 19th position, for which it is also called 19 nortestosterone. This change makes the drug much less androgenic, compared with testosterone. Also, this change plays a role in terms of side effects. If you remember, testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone, which causes the skin to become greasy, acne: then the nandrolone is converted to dihydronandrolone, a very inactive metabolite, so androgenic side effects will practically not bother you when using nandrolone decanoate.
Also, nandrolone is very poorly converted into estrogens (estradiol), which also gives a minimum of estrogenic side effects. Antiestrogens are needed only for sensitive people. At high dosages, you can add Proviron and Nolvadex. Obviously, nandrolone decanoate is an excellent steroid, in the ratio of side effects and major effects. It is even used in patients with AIDS, to maintain the immune system.

Impact Nandrolone decanoate

  1. It causes a marked increase in muscle (one course allows reception to dial up to 8 kg), with minimal recoil phenomenon.
  2. Strengthens bones, making previously been used in medicine for the treatment of osteoporosis, as well as the ligaments due to the stimulation of collagen synthesis.
  3. It eliminates the pains in the joints due to the fact that stimulates increased production of synovial fluid, which is known, is a joint lubricant.
  4. It increases the number of red blood cells in the blood, thereby improving the body’s oxygen transport.
  5. Increases the degree of immune protection. Including used by people with AIDS. And in this sphere nandrolone phenylpropionate reviews also just gorgeous.

Side effects of Nandrolone decanoate

The manifestation of negative consequences can only be in case of violation of recommendations. Due to low androgenic activity, pharma is not characterized by acne, increased hair growth and alopecia. There is also no accumulation of fluid and gynecomastia. Excess dosages lead to head and spinal pain, sipa, rhinitis, a decrease in the production of natural estrone, an increase in the percentage of fat.

The course lasts about 8-10 weeks, but depending on individual characteristics and goals, it can be longer. Injections are done once a week, at a dosage of 200 mg. The maximum dosage can reach 600 mg per week.