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Quick Overview: package: 10ml vial (250mg/ml)
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substance: Testosterone Cypionate

Many athletes know that testosterone is responsible for androgenic and anabolic processes that occur in the male body. That is, under its influence there is accelerated muscle development, growth forces, plus it makes it easier to exercise, both emotional and physical point of view.

The basis of this drug, just the same and is testosterone, or rather its ester extremely popular – testosterone cypionate, remarkable longer duration of action, which eliminates the athlete from the need for a constant injection (injections usually are placed once a week).

Today, the popularity of high testosterone cypionate and preparations based on it, in particula , ensure its quality and multiple positive effects, which become apparent during the course: 

  • A significant increase in power rates; 
  • The rapid increase in muscle mass; 
  • A substantial increase in appetite; 
  • Strengthening of the bone structure; 
  • Improvement of joint function; 
  • Raising the overall vitality, increased desire to train.

Effects of testosterone cypionate Dragon Pharma

Cypionat 250 is a male sex hormone, is responsible for a considerable number of processes in the body. Its spectrum of action greatly – from the effect on body composition and sexual activity, to the regulation of emotional sphere. In principle, we have already discussed this, and no one should have no doubts about its importance for the human body.

If we talk about the drug use of the shopping center in bodybuilding, then there is found a pretty comprehensive list quite attractive effects for the athlete: Intensive muscle growth causes an increase in protein synthesis (promotes nitrogen retention) and improved digestibility of other components of the food.

That is why in most cases, the testosterone Cypionat 250 is used in the “massonabore”. Besides, cypionate can contribute to increase the level of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which is responsible for a variety of functions, in particular triggers hyperplasia of muscle tissue. Improves recovery ability. Testosterone cypionate has superior ability to increase the activity myosatellite cell or satellite muscle cells.

Moderate inherent androgenic drugs most fat burning effect is explained by the interaction with the leptin responsible for the metabolism of fat cells and appetite. These stem cells are very expensive, since they are directly related to the reduction processes of damaged muscle tissue. Improving athletic performance, which makes testosterone cypionate is an excellent choice for members of sports such as powerlifting and weightlifting. In addition, testosterone does not give too much gain in muscle mass (in moderate doses), and therefore, can be used without concern for the “loss” of weight category.

Increased appetite, promoting consume more food and consequently – a more significant gain in muscle mass and strength. Appetite increases by increasing the load in training. According to this, be prepared to eat a large amount of food. By the way, this is one of the most important growth factors (including, without steroids). Without proper nutrition and the need to restore, you can forget about weight gain and power performance.

Fluid retention reduces the traumatic effects of raised scales on the ligaments, muscles and tendons, making them more flexible. While on the other hand – the use of testosterone in the long run can reduce the levels of collagen in the body, thereby causing even more injuries. Therefore it is necessary to avoid excessively long duration of the course, as well as taking collagen and hondroprotektory outside.

About supplements for joints, in addition to sports supplements, you can also use a regular gelatin, which can be found at any grocery store or supermarket. Sometimes, cypionate can be used at the rate of drying in conjunction with other medications. But already there is need to draw up a course that would burn fat and preserve muscle maximum volume.