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Quick Overview: package: 14 sachet per box
manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticalsceuticals
substance: Testosterone supplements

Active ingredient: Testosterone Gel
Brand: Androgel / Andractim / Testim Gel
Indian analog: Cernos Gel
Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals


Androgel should be administered with caution in patients with oral anticoagulants, t. It is possible to enhance the effect of oral anticoagulants by modifying the synthesis of the hepatic coagulation factor and competitive inhibition of binding to plasma proteins. It is recommended to monitor the PV. Patients receiving oral anticoagulants require frequent monitoring, especially at the beginning and / or end of the course of treatment with androgens.

Co-administration of testosterone and ACTH or corticosteroids may increase the risk of edema. These medications should be administered together cautiously, especially to patients suffering from heart, kidney or liver disease.

Impact on laboratory tests: androgens may reduce levels of thyroxine-binding globulin, leading to a decrease in serum T4 concentrations and an increase in sensitivity to T3 and T4. Levels of free thyroid hormones, however, remain unchanged, and there are no clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism.


Cases of overdose with the use of the drug Androgel is not fixed.

Only one case of an overdose after the injection of testosterone injected: a stroke in a patient with a high plasma testosterone concentration of 114 ng / ml (395 nmol / L) was described.

However, it is unlikely that such concentrations of testosterone in the plasma can be achieved by applying the drug to the skin.