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substance: Oxymetholone (Anadrol)

Anderson, one of the most potent drugs in oral anabolic and androgenic steroids is the pharmacotherapy of the British pharmaceutical market. The active ingredient is a synthetic agent that oxymetholone was invented in the 20th century by the Syntex Pharmacauticals of the 60s. Initially, osteoporosis (slow development), and in the treatment of anemia in patients used to stimulate muscle growth, as well. Anabolic after non-steroid agents found more progressive have almost disappeared from the market. However, recent studies have shown oxymetholone to be highly effective in treating patients infected with HIV.

High anabolic drugs (testosterone 320%) and with moderate androgenic activity. Despite the fact that the conversion to estrogen oxymetholone shows some estrogenic effect on the body.

How to get Androlic

Not recommended for courses and minors for muscle mass. Time is one and a half months. Taking medication for a longer period increases the risk of developing side effects significantly. Androlic the maximum safe dose is 100 mg per day. If you follow the course of the first dose of steroids gradually there is a feeling about the auction: You can study the effect of drugs on the body and can make the appropriate settings. It is recommended that the end of the PCT course: increase the production of testosterone boosters (after the abolition of 2-3 weeks) is the best.

How do you get along with other AAS is Androlic? Although oxymetholone itself is a very potent steroids, often a further increase in the increase in Boldn’s muscle mass, trenbolone is combined with testosterone or Promobl hosts. Due to damage to the liver Androlic you can not be combined with 17-alkylated AAS.

Side effects

Oxymetholone is almost the most dangerous oral steroids. And I must say that this is not unfounded. At high doses, side effects from Androlic’t, which happens quite often. To avoid them, the dose should be reduced to three or four doses (this “avoids the hormonal explosion”), and you also need to timely PCT. It has the following side effects: gynecomastia, fluid retention, high blood pressure, liver damage. Androlyk is a serious steroid and should be strictly followed by appropriate suggestions.