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Quick Overview: package: 40mg (60 pills)
manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals
substance: Testosterone undecanoate

Andriol Testocaps (Andryol) is a unique product of the stalk-like apostle of the mouth, represented by the turnover of the international pharmaceutical company Organon. Recently developed anabolic steroids Andryol began in the early 1980s. This mixture contains 40 mg. Follow the Stephanie apostles from the free e noate using oil (oleic acid) and sealed inside the elevator. We removed the weight of Ester, it’s like a dose of about 25 mg of the payment for the food of the apostles of the sterons. The construction of this steroid is very different from the steroids of the mouth. Drugs administered orally usually transfer the injection into the bloodstream through the liver. If the steroid is unique, then without any protection of the STRUCTURE, it will be welcomed broken into “more than the first”. This leaves it intact, especially reduced drugs and steroids. If adding a methyl group scheme (C-17AA) is one way to prevent this, but this causes a strain on the liver. In some cases, this stress can lead to physical damage to the liver, which almost the developers of this steroid sought another way to protect the steroid molecule of the apostles. With Andriol Testocaps (Andryol), this success through the apostles is to follow the sterone, which is supported by members not in order. This is due to the high solubility in fats, which leads to its suspension in oil. Be associated with tobacco smoke in their presentation to allow steroids to bypass to destroy the first pass through inhibiting liver changes. This should allow the introduction of the compound to be performed without the need for major chemical changes in the bloodstream. Esther intervened when, on the move, of course, she brings an active free salary to the apostles of the sterol with the pharmacokinetic tests of the Ora of the Apostles. The construction of this steroid makes you feel that the noata is completely safe for the liver and the orally active form follows the apostle’s steroid.

Indications of Andriol

Men: substitution therapy for secondary hypogonadism (late adolescents, hypopituitarism, disorder after a stroke or sperm); Female infertility, impotence (i mpo tentia ge nerandi Vyrylys), male infertility (against spermatogenesis); Deficiency of androgens, osteoporosis due to the lack of androgens.
Women who are breast cancer are separated by blood, hyperestrogenism and ternary fibroids, endometriosis, menstrual disorders of female time (with estrogen), premenstrual disease, breast cancer (metastatic later), osteoporosis.