Low testosterone levels

The really low level of testosterone, if we talk about men, is the level with the indices less than 14 nm per liter, when the first pharmaceutical steroids signs and symptoms of androgen deficiency begin to appear. By the way, there are other compelling reasons, not only the age and genetics that can cause such low testosterone, first of all these are various nervous and psychological overloads: the absence of male emotions due to low productivity of life, work associated with constant stress, family problems and In general, problems in his personal life, exhaustion of the nervous system.

After that, injection steroid preparations undergo special cleaning. This is a process that is necessary to destroy all microorganisms that could have settled in the solution, and remove all foreign suspensions and excess particles. Note that sometimes this cleaning is skipped and this is completely up to the producer’s conscience. Therefore, it turns out that in some pharmaceutical steroids cases, after buying and injecting a steroid injection, you are covered with a red rash.

What is this rash such? The question is logical, and the answer to it is simple. This is the body’s reaction to the infection, which was introduced along with a dose of a poor-quality steroid. There is such a rare, but still has a place to be. According to statistics in the factory fork, there is approximately one “crude” steroid per hundred produced, which is not so much, but also a lot.

Briefly describe how the anabolics and steroids, produced in tablets, in general, operate. A well-known fact: the hormone testosterone and almost all pharmaceutical steroids its analogues and derivatives alone can not be properly absorbed by the oral route, they will be destroyed in the stomach and intestines before they get into the blood. This is proved by athletes, and during scientific research. And as a test subject in these studies, mostly women took part. Why they? It’s simple: in the female body it is much easier to detect an increase in the level of the male sex hormone.