Damage to the liver due to taking steroids

This is one of the most known side effects associated with taking AAS. However, its real threat is not as great as it is trying to show. The steroids uk media and many other information resources usually focus their attention specifically on liver damage due to steroids, they talk about this problem as something inevitable and mandatory that persecutes and will persecute all athletes using pharmacology. But this is not so.

First, toxic liver damage is caused solely by steroids in tablets, that is, oral steroids that have a methyl group in the 17 position. This group allows tablet AAS to avoid rapid destruction in the liver, but empowers them with certain harmful effects.

Secondly, signs of liver damage, like the ailments associated with it, are manifested primarily when using high, very high or overestimated doses of steroids. That is, the athlete who listens to the recommendations is maximally protected from the toxic effects of AAS.

However, anabolic steroids in its large assortment is still a developing market. In other words, despite all the efforts of the researchers, it can not be said that the original task was solved. That is, the ideal anabolic drug is still not created. After all, no one has succeeded in synthesizing a substance possessing certain properties and completely devoid of others. Therefore, steroids uk any steroid known to you is not ideal, it is to some extent, but has androgenic properties.

Liver and condition tests

The main liver tests that characterize the condition of this organ are ALT and AST. I do not think that I should breed tirades about the importance of liver health for a bodybuilder, I think you already know that this is the organ that is most affected by taking steroids. And without a healthy liver, the athlete is unlikely to achieve even average results.

Blood biochemistry analysis

The cardiovascular system and steroids are not the best friends. Yes, anabolic steroids can strengthen the heart muscle, they also can reduce the level of harmful or bad cholesterol in the body. However, this does not mean that a person receiving AAS by definition can not have heart problems.

In theory, it is finite, and it turns steroids uk out – you use steroids, the heart is strengthened, and therefore there should be no problems with it. But in practice, for reasons of stupidity of the athletes themselves and for reasons of following the principle “the more, the better”, everything is far from rosy. In addition, to increase the load on the heart are capable of both particularly intense physical exercises, to which course it includes training, and the use of various auxiliary drugs (anabolic steroids).