To learn all the secrets of anabolic, let’s take a look at the story. Steroids appeared in retail sales osuk around the year 1950. And in ten years the pharmacology market has developed to a dominant state. That is, until the moment of millions of injections osuk of money, the same expenses and incomes of companies engaged in this area.

In addition, in the 50-60s, almost all the strongest anabolic steroids known to you appeared on the market. Yes, a lot has changed over the years. Some funds were withdrawn from sale, some changed their name, some were modified, for better or worse. But if you look globally, there have been practically no major changes.

And what steroids a girl can use more or less safely, so that the symptoms of virilization and the disease itself do not manifest? There are not osuk so many, but they are.

And in conclusion: a woman who still decided to use steroids with androgenic activity, simply must make long breaks between the courses, so that the body can rest and the natural level of hormones is restored.

By the way, usually high testosterone is observed in professional athletes and amateur athletes who use AAS drugs to build muscle mass. However, this is a sword with a double blade – some of these tools can negatively affect the production of their own sex hormones. More specifically, the body, when taken, will try to level the level of testosterone in the blood, reducing its own production and neutralizing the work of the sex glands.

Favorable psychological effect of steroid osuk preparations. When taking AAS preparations, such significant improvements can be observed, such as: a general psychological upsurge, an increased desire to succeed and train, increased motivation and purposefulness, increased concentration and increased tolerance (insensitivity) to pain, and many others. These effects, by the way, are significant not only in sports and for athletes seeking to achieve their goals, but also in everyday life.