Now to the point: how to get rid of the acne athlete taking steroids? Here everything depends on the form of the ailment, because steroids uk the inflammatory one is treated in one way, and not inflammatory – by another, and the therapeutic measures there are different. We will only describe steroids uk ways to combat the inflammatory form, since it is in most cases that disturbs athletes using AAS drugs.

High testosterone levels in women

We have already said that for women, testosterone is practically the same significant hormone as for men, but they did not specify that in the girls’ body it is produced primarily by the ovaries and adrenals and, as it is correct, in not very large quantities. Why is it so important? There are many reasons. First, it helps the development of the follicle in the ovaries. Secondly, it takes a direct part in the formation of the skeleton. Thirdly, it normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and increases the mood. And such reasons can be found from a dozen, so, without testosterone, women are nowhere.

But will not run ahead, but rather say that testosterone is above the norm, doctors usually call hyperandrogenism, at least, it is so called steroids uk when the deviation is manifested in the female body. What causes high levels of testosterone in women can be? As well as men, the most diverse are the increased work of the adrenal glands, hormonal failure in the body, increased abnormal activity of the sex glands, excessive weight loss, menopause, eating harmful food, sleeping, intense physical activity and, of course, the reception of specific pharmacology.

In a word – it is obvious how much the deficit of androgens in the body is dangerous for men, and how severe testosterone can lead to serious consequences. With this deviation you need to understand as quickly as possible, until you are not allowed to know about irreversible changes in the body. With age, of course, to defeat the falling levels of the male sex hormone is steroids uk becoming more difficult. But this does not mean that it is impossible. After all, there are various auxiliary drugs (you can order Tamoxifen or buy Proviron, etc.), which athletes almost do not fail. And in general, hormone therapy, aimed at overcoming the reduced level of testosterone in men, in most cases is very effective. In general, hormone therapy, aimed at overcoming the reduced level of testosterone in men, in most cases is very effective.