Renal tests and their condition

Biochemical analysis of blood or BAC seeding will allow timely excel pharma warning and neutralizing the problem in another organ, not important for the athlete – in the kidneys. It is to this body that the entire burden of eliminating toxins is necessary. A doctor who excel pharma claims that your kidney problems are caused by the use of steroids is a bad doctor. Analyzes of the kidneys they read are incorrect and most likely, he’s just a bad specialist. No, I’m not saying that there is no connection between the use of steroid drugs and kidney disease, it is, but not such, to what extent doctors see it.

A blood test for the kidney will alert you to problems or their approach. Just like in the liver, in kidneys, an insufficient amount of protein in the body can lead to serious problems. First of all, this phenomenon of nitrogen redistribution – the body, feeling a lack of protein, begins to draw it directly from the kidneys. Another not less common problem for athletes associated with the kidneys is the severity in the kidneys. In recent times, such a drug, especially widespread in the 90s, began to gain popularity, like Dexamethasone. Dexamethasone is a potent glucocorticoid drug. This drug in combination with even minimal doses of steroids can provide a huge increase in strength, and hence in muscle mass. BUT and not insignificant, the preparation also causes and gravity in kidneys. There is such a phrase – “one tablet of dexamethasone compare the top ten hits on the kidneys!”

Modern anabolic steroids anabolic excel pharma steroid

To say that the drugs with the anabolic effect were easy to create – blatantly lie. After all, to obtain them it was necessary to introduce cardinal changes in the molecular chain, which is by no means the most trivial task. But the result was definitely worth the effort, time and money spent. After all, anabolic steroid preparations, synthesized in this way, have a number of advantages and features. For example, they may have minimal adrogenic effect in combination with a powerful anabolic effect.

Harm to steroids – baldness

How to get rid of such an unpleasant defect? First, choose those AAS that are not converted into dihydrotestosterone. Secondly, use auxiliary pharmacology, in particular, the Finasteride drug has proven itself (Minoxidil cream also has a high efficiency).

Stopping growth can also bother athletes using excel pharma AAS. The effect, unfortunately, irreversible, however, such a harm to anabolic steroids threatens not everyone, but only persons under the age of 21 years (in boys at a young age, the bone growth zones are not yet closed). Most often, this ailment is manifested when taking aromatized preparations, so young athletes should be treated with particular caution. The only way to combat this disease is not to use steroids during the development of the body, and if you decide to take them, then choose not aromatizing AAS.