With a stronger deviation, more significant symptoms and the consequences of low testosterone levels in men – hot flashes,c4 pharmaceuticals sudden dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, and so on – may appear. Also, there may be such violations of the functional component of the male body as:

Serious sexual disorders and anxiety associated with this, which are then able to further lower the level of the male hormone;
Feeling of complete apathy and depression, turning into depression, absent-mindedness, forgetfulness and inability to concentrate for a long time;
Exhaustion of the nervous system and such consequences of low testosterone levels as sleep disorders and fatigue;
Increased trauma (associated with a decrease in the strength of the bone structure, cartilage, tendons and ligaments, as well as with a weak concentration);
Differential pressure and irregular heartbeat (in critical situations this can even lead to heart attack and stroke, and the chance of developing diabetes is also increasing).

Steroids: side effects, contraindications and prevention methods

It will not be a revelation for anyone, c4 pharmaceuticals if we say that steroids are among the most effective means of stimulating muscle growth and physical performance (strength and endurance, quality and volume of muscle mass, etc.). However, many, even experienced, athletes who have been using AAS for a long time do not know what side effect their preparations have, and how to deal with it correctly.

Oral anabolics

There is one more notable advantage that oral anabolic steroids, which are released in the form for oral administration, boast: if you buy and take them, almost all of them act very quickly and are also quickly eliminated from the body without leaving traces. However, taking into account the rapid activity, the life time of most oral drugs does not exceed an average c4 pharmaceuticals of one day. This, by the way, explains why almost all tablet AAS should be taken often (usually daily) – this is done to maintain the optimal level of active substance in the blood.

Also, the pluses include the fact that oral anabolics, tablets, are more difficult to detect during the doping test. That is, they are recommended for those athletes who have serious contests and checks on their nose, after all, in the shortest time after the end of the course, it is almost impossible to find out that they were used.