Buy nitrazepam 5mg x 28 tabs

Buy nitrazepam 5mg x 28 tabs

The harm of anabolic and androgenic steroids can also occur in increasing blood nitrazepam for sale pressure.

This usually occurs due to the following reasons:

Accepted drugs AAS delay sodium in the body;
Used steroids narrow the blood vessels;
The agents chosen for the course increase the total volume of moving blood.

Alopecia is another common side effect of AAS. In this case, the harm of steroid drugs is not so much on the health of the athlete, but on his appearance. By the way, baldness concerns exclusively the scalp of the scalp, while on the other parts of the body can be observed on the contrary hair.

Toxic liver disease

During the tests, the scientists found nitrazepam for sale that serious liver damage and their symptoms occur in most cases when using steroids in doses 10 times higher than recommended. For example, it becomes really harmful to the liver only at doses of about 80 mg and above, while its recommended dosage in sports is 5-50 mg (usually athletes use 30 mg per day).

Almost always, toxic liver damage due to the administration of AAS is reversible. This is evidenced by another study, but this time carried out in public. In the experiment, two groups of athletes were involved: some took steroids, others did not. At the end of the study, it was found that men who used AAS drugs still encountered certain abnormalities in liver function, however, no deterioration was recorded during the next 3 months, on the contrary, certain improvements were seen.

Fortunately for athletes, a decrease in testosterone levels nitrazepam for sale is reversible, that is, this defect is eliminated. In particular, to cope with it, you can use auxiliary pharmacology, for example, gonadotropin. This agent is able to effectively increase the secretion of natural testosterone and as a consequence can protect the athlete from atrophy of the testicles and some other abnormalities.