Buy Gene-Tech Dianabol

Buy Gene-Tech Dianabol

Disadvantages of a diet high in protein
By increasing protein intake, we reduce the intake dianabol for sale of carbohydrates, and this leads to loss of nutrients and the occurrence of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumors.

A high-protein diet increases the burden on the kidneys and affects their ability to reabsorb calcium. An intensive load on the kidney can lead to a permanent and complete loss of kidney tissue.

Excess protein is potentially dangerous to your body, instead of increasing the mass, you risk getting health problems.

For a balanced high-protein diet, consult a specialist.

Comprehensive blood test – the first test of the body

Blood test for hormones

The most accessible and easy method for self-radiation and self-control is, of course, the delivery of a comprehensive blood test. However, just dianabol for sale a blood test or a biochemical blood test will not be enough to study the state of the body. It is also necessary to make a cardiogram of the heart and a blood test for hormones, visit the dentist and many other procedures. Why is there a dentist on this list ?! There are several reasons, other than the obvious, such as a simple loss of time due to problems with the teeth, there are hidden, for example, additional intoxication. It is better to prevent illness and to neutralize than to treat it long and painfully. Even if you do not have any pain, do not be lazy to visit the dentist at least once every six months.

While mentioning the complex analysis of blood, it is worth saying that it is necessary to take them in the morning and on an empty stomach. In addition, somewhere in the two hours before the test, you need to give the body a rest. No physical exertion at this time should not occur. In fact, the analysis of blood biochemistry includes a number of indicators, in the sum of around three dozen. A comprehensive blood test for vitamins, minerals, hormones, etc. All of them are important and all open up this or that truth about the state of the body. Find an explanation for these indicators will not be difficult, for example, on the Internet. I will only pay attention to some selected indicators, deviations from dianabol for sale the norm in which, is the most common among athletes who chose bodybuilding.

Not only food additives live bodybuilders. It is clear that the “achievements of the pharmacological industry”, pharmacies, can affect the processes occurring in the body of an athlete after a heavy training, and even prepare it for such a training is not worse, if not better, than the “technological delights” of sports nutrition moguls.