Again, keep in mind that various steroids offer various side effects, so the list above is a generalized buy codeine phosphate online uk list of side effects. I will not even go into the details of the side effects that women face when they decide to use steroids, especially androgenic ones. It buy codeine phosphate online uk can be an entire article in itself, but I think that most people can imagine what happens when someone starts injecting an abnormal amount of hormones of the opposite sex into their body.

Inhibition of secretion of endogenous testosterone is an inevitable consequence of taking anabolic drugs. With the introduction of hormones into the body, a signal appears to the endocrine system about an excessive increase in their concentration in the plasma, which in turn leads to suppression of their production in the testicles.
This is the so-called feedback mechanism. The body constantly strives for homeostasis, and if the concentration of a hormone starts to increase, the receptors fix it and the endocrine system reduces the production of this hormone in order to restore the endocrine balance. Thus, secretion of almost all hormones is regulated.
The figures show that when the concentration of nandrolone buy codeine phosphate online uk in the blood increases, the level of testosterone in the plasma begins to decrease in a mirror manner, then the reverse process occurs.

Kidney damage.

On the kidneys are a huge load during taking steroids. They filter and remove from the body toxic decomposition products. High blood pressure and strong fluctuations in the water-electrolyte balance of the body can damage its functions for a long time. The emergence of William’s tumor of a rapidly growing kidney tumor, sometimes observed in athletes taking steroids, normally occurs only in infants and children, and not in adults. Is there an interconnection? It is doubtful. And yet it is clear that some athletes during the reception of steroids appear darkening of the urine, in extreme cases, even blood appears.

Other possible side effects when using steroids buy codeine phosphate online uk are headaches, dizziness, malaise, an increased risk of damage to the muscles, joints, ligaments of the connective tissue, anaphylactic shock (life-threatening allergic reaction), abscesses at the site of injection, prolonged blood clotting time. Varies from athlete to athlete. In this case, factors such as age, sex, genetic predisposition, physical and mental constitution, as well as dose, duration of administration and type of steroid used play an important role.