Buy C4 Pharma Super Testobol 600

Buy C4 Pharma Super Testobol 600

Beginners or those who do not have the goal of doing bodybuilding professionally prefer to accept pharmaceutical test 600 support not permanently, but in the form of short-term courses. Stunning increase in the mass of muscles in this way to achieve, of course, will not succeed. But to get a noticeable effect in a short time is quite achievable.

The phenomenon test 600 of virilization.

In this concept all sorts of manifestations of masculinization are combined, which can affect athletes when taking a / a steroids. As well as in men, steroids cause women to suppress the gonodal regular circle. The pituitary release of luteinizing hormone and the hormone FSH is impaired, which manifests itself in amenorrhea, i.e. In the absence of menstruation in the irregular menstrual cycle. As the drug is stopped, this phenomenon becomes reversible.
External manifestations of virilization are acne vulgaris, hirsutism (increased growth of hair on the face and legs), alopecia (androgenic swelling of the hair) and structural changes in the skin according to the male type. Although these phenomena are reversible, it is possible that after the termination of taking steroids with the appropriate genetic predisposition, high doses, mainly androgenic steroids and their long-term use, these phenomena will not pass. The first signs of possible virilization are often mild changes in voice in the form of hoarseness.

Reducing the tone of voice – the phenomenon is test 600 irreversible and remains for life. Women should be considered and with increased libido. Some have increased aggression and depression at the end of the steroid course. The cause of increased aggressiveness is an increased level of androgens, while the cause of depressions is the inverse estragon effect that occurs when the steroids are discontinued. Because The production of estrogens is suppressed due to the inhibition of the release of LH and FSH, at the end of the steroid course, their enhanced production may begin. If steroids are taken during pregnancy, the phenomenon of masculinization of a female embryo is possible.


Anabolic steroids are a synthetic copy of the hormone testosterone. They have been the subject of numerous discussions over the past few decades. Athletes, especially bodybuilders, have a great temptation before using them, since these drugs really increase muscle volume, strength and endurance.

The use of any Anabolic Steroids may lead to death

It must be understood that anabolic steroids, in the first place, are a medicinal product. Even aspirin can cause serious problems if taken in large quantities. Any medication, if abused or misused, can lead to death. Since the reception of some of the steroids is a violation of the law, the issues of purity and authenticity of the product, as well as inaccurate information on its test 600 use, add serious risks to the experiments with this drug.

Anabolic Steroids are easy to obtain

Another misconception! The truth is that they are illegal substances without a doctor’s appointment, so your access will be carried out illegally (to the question of quality). In addition, imprisonment is required for storing and selling anabolic steroids.