Buy C4 Pharma Ganabol 300

Buy C4 Pharma Ganabol 300

Now let’s talk about the effect of steroids on health.

The side effects have long been studied and tested in practice:

Increase in blood pressure. The higher the pressure, the greater the chance of getting a heart attack or stroke. Problems ganabol steroid can be not only with the heart,but also with other organs (eg, kidneys, eyes). During the exercise, the pressure jumps even higher!
Deterioration of lipid profile of blood. Cholesterol plaques begin to accelerate on the walls of the vessels. Vessels narrow, become less elastic. If the plaque breaks off, there is a stroke and death.
Active hair growth. You will be surprised how actively hair grows in undesirable places.
Heartburn. It usually occurs from some oral steroids. Can lead to esophageal cancer and other problems.
Load on the liver with oral medications. A healthy liver can withstand a high load for many years, but you may not be lucky.
Violation of the production of their own hormones. During the course, your own testosterone, luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones cease to be produced. Whether they are recovering after the course exactly to the previous level or slightly less is unknown.

The action of steroids of the oral group is as great and productive as the injection.

The athlete begins to feel such a dope already on the 3rd – 4th day of the beginning of his admission. Strength begins to increase, and along with it slowly and ganabol steroid the volume of muscles increases, these two processes on one course are interrelated.

Also, there are such effects as: improving endurance, increasing strength, strengthening bone tissue and reducing fat stores. All these are indisputable pluses of anabolic steroids, however they also have enough cons.

Many bodybuilding lovers, after learning about the wonderful effects of steroids, acquire these drugs and begin to actively take them. In a short period of time, they begin to see positive changes in their body, but along with this, they face the side effects of these “miracle drugs.”

The decisive factor here seems to be a genetic ganabol steroid predisposition, some, for example, do not experience gynecomastia, while others already notice pain and swelling in the mammary glands. The additional intake of anti-estrogens in most cases helps. As the steroid is stopped, the gynecomastia, as a rule, slowly recedes by itself. Because Many “sit on the needle” all year round, it is not uncommon to promptly remove unwanted tissue in the chest. A high level of estrogen is the deadly enemy of any professional athlete. Despite the exceptionally low fat content, it is impossible to become truly strong and resilient. The excessive amount of estrogens has a direct effect on athletes, and a negative effect on their psyche.