The first steroid course always gives excellent results, but let the first impressionbody body nutrition steroids not be misleading – with each repetition the result will be worse and worse, and to maintain the form it will be necessary to increase dosages and combine various steroids. The higher the dosage, the greater the number of side effects and the stronger the load on the body.
Professionals know about all this, but they are so often forgotten in their eagerness for the rapid results of newcomers.
The main problem is that after trying the steroids and feeling the results of their actions, they lose interest in natural training. Some return to steroids some time after the first time they tried – the desire to get more, with less effort, still outweighs the restraint and willpower necessary for persistent pursuits without applying pharma.

Anyone who would like to avoid a possible risk should refuse to accept 17-alpha steroids. Because The complete abandonment of the above steroids for most athletes is out of the question, should pay attention to certain restrictions on the duration of their intake and dosage. The body nutrition steroids athletes who are long-sighted therefore take regular breaks in taking medications when they completely stop the use of all steroids or switch to another drug, potentially non-toxic for the liver (most often injectable). Often, a “problematic” steroid is combined with one or more “soft” ones, so that due to their combined effects on the body, the dose of a “strong” drug should be kept at a moderate level without experiencing a diminished effectiveness of the drugs’ effects on sports achievements.

After the athlete has already achieved a certain result in bodybuilding, it’s time to “dry up” the muscles a little, to make them more impressive, to look more lean. Suitable drugs for men over 25. Another necessary condition – the amount of fat in the layer on the abdomen or thighs. If its thickness exceeds 3.5 cm to apply steroids for drying early, you must first lose some weight.

The Risks of Using Anabolic

Enlarging the liver
Decrease in natural production of testosterone
Increased cholesterol and blood pressure
Changed functions of the thyroid gland
Nasal bleeding
Insensitivity to insulin
Androgenic side effects such as thinning hair, enlarged prostate, oily skin, fluid retention, increased body hair, aggressiveness
Growth retardation in adolescents

Again, keep in mind that various steroids offer various body nutrition steroids side effects, so the list above is a generalized list of side effects. I will not even go into the details of the side effects that women face when they decide to use steroids, especially androgenic ones. It can be an entire article in itself, but I think that most people can imagine what happens when someone starts injecting an abnormal amount of hormones of the opposite sex into their body.