Often, athletes do not know which steroids to select the mass, because there are a lot of them. All these drugs osuk have their own advantages and disadvantages, different characteristics and give different results. So, there are powerful steroids for rapidly increasing muscle mass, but the main drawback of most of them is strong aromatization and health hazards, and there are softer and safer that stimulate the growth of dry muscle mass without excess fat. Experienced athletes often take several courses on the same course in order to achieve the most pronounced and qualitative result. If you choose high-quality anabolics and take them in the right way, observing all the precautions, the result in the form of voluminous, elastic and relief musculature will not keep you waiting.

And now let’s see, is it worth using steroids? What happens if you try?

The most important problem is that the mass, typed on steroids, can be kept only by steroids. Once the course is over, you start to lose weight. For 3 months you osuk can easily lose everything that you typed on the course. That is why it is recommended to make a minimum rest between courses (1-2 months). Do you agree to take steroids 6 months in a year? Or will you just be “puffed up,” feel superman and then blown away again? There is no third option. Either you always sit on the farm or you quickly lose everything you typed.

Steroids injected directly directly strengthens the bones, ligaments and tendons during admission. Injection drugs very quickly to the muscles synthesizes and delivers just a huge amount of protein and all useful minerals. As a result, the athlete begins hypertrophy of the musculature.

The action of injectable steroids is directed to a long-lasting effect. After the injection, the athlete will feel and observe a very strong anabolic reaction of this type of anabolic.

Of course, in order to build up an ideal musculature, it’s not enough to just take steroids. Do this right, but do not forget about proper nutrition and regular training.

The best steroids in the history of modern sports

The anabolic drugs used in bodybuilding have different qualities and characteristics, so they are suitable only for certain purposes. Some of them stimulate a rapid osuk increase in muscle mass due to fluid retention in the body and acceleration of general metabolic processes, while others accelerate the natural anabolism and protein synthesis, providing an increase in net muscle mass, the third – have a fat burning effect, remove excess fluid from the muscles, while protecting Muscle cells and fibers from destruction.