Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic the action of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (male sex hormone). These drugs accelerate buy pct uk the growth of muscle tissue, by increasing protein synthesis in cells. That’s why steroids have become so popular in bodybuilding. Usually, after training buy pct uk the muscles, they need about 48 hours to recover, but under the influence of anabolic, this number can be reduced to two.

Accordingly, muscle growth will be two times faster, however, given that anabolic steroids block the action of the Kartzol-Harmon, which uses proteins as a “fuel” for the work of muscles (as a result, as a matter of fact, in the muscles after loads and microcracks appear), then The process of their growth can be accelerated even 3-4 times. Thus, a sportsman who uses steroids can gain up to 10 kg of muscle mass per month, depending on the intensity of his training.

The phenomena of feminization can become noticeable in athletes in the form of swelling of the mammary glands (gynecomastia), increased propensity to fat accumulation and in the form of softened musculature.

The cause of these symptoms is aromatization, i.e. Partial conversion of the steroid into female sex hormones (estrogens). If the level of estrogen has risen quite high, there may be female sexual characteristics. This problem is especially exacerbated with the stopping of steroids, if the level of the androgen of the athlete is low against the background of an elevated level buy pct uk of estrogens. It is interesting here that estradiol (estrogen) has a retarding effect on the male gonodal regular circle. It can be concluded that a high level of estrogen reduces its own production of testosterone. The height of the estrogen level and the extent of the effects of feminization depend on the dosage and type of steroid taken.

When taking steroids, a person becomes more aggressive, which can lead to inappropriate actions, some people have high blood pressure, almost every second has acne on the face and body, cholesterol levels are very high, which in turn can cause a disease Atherosclerosis, at a young age, the use of steroids entails a stop in growth, because The body switches from the development of bone tissue to muscle.

After taking anabolic steroids, side effects are much worse than at the time of admission. In consequence of the large amount of the male hormone testosterone entering the blood, its natural secretion stops, and the organs that produce it-testicles are atrophied. This can cause both impotence and infertility. So it is worthwhile to think carefully before you poison your body with chemistry.

The manifestations and general picture of these buy pct uk phenomena strongly depend on genetic factors, doses, duration of admission, such as a steroid. Despite the outstanding effect of a / a steroids, athletes should weigh the risk and benefit of their use, because Some potential side effects are irreversible.